tyler ritter- guitars, voice, keyboards, piano, loops
mike tuley- drum loop on 'blue-eyed'
billy speer- cello

recorded in tyler's house, his parents' house, stefanie's parents' house, billy's mom's house and mike's parents' basement, kansas city, mo/ks and tyler's apartments, stefanie's sisters' house and her aunt and uncle's house, portland, or by tyler on 4-track and 8-track tape machine from april, 2001- june 2004.

mastered at super digital by erik ames october 2004.

all songs copyright stick figures with guns music 2001 except 'invisible against the sun,' 'the world is waiting,' copyright 2002, 'because is the reason,' copyright 2000, 'eilsel and ainot,' copyright 1999. 'blue-eyed' and 'song to the stars' contain segments of a tape called 'arguments on abortion' edited by stephanie guitton and peter irons, with narration by stephanie guitton containing segments from recordings of the supreme court case 'rust v. sullivan.'
all songs written by tyler ritter